PhD thesis (ongoing)

Title: Farm economists in the interwar US: methods, experiments, and the construction of new statistics

Supervisor: Annie L. Cot


2017          MA in Philosophy and Economics
                     Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

2016          Master in Economics
                     Stockholm University

2015          BSc in Econometrics
                     Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Before 2014          Undergraduate courses in Mathematics
                                     Université de Rennes 1

Editorial work

Assistant managing editor for the Journal Œconomia: History| Methodology| Philosophy (since 2017)


Articles, Working papers

Nelo Magalhães, et al. L’économie matérielle de la France (1830-2015). L’histoire d’un parasite ?. 2018.  hal-01845999. Submitted to Ecological Economics.

Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars


‘Albert O. Hirschman’ seminar, monthly, Université Paris 1  Panthéon Sorbonne

‘Cercle d’Épistémologie Économique’, monthly, Université Paris 1  Panthéon Sorbonne

History of Economics Society, Annual Meeting, Chicago, June 2018. Communication entitled “Experiments in US agricultural economics: a new tool for policy making?”

Doctorissimes, Paris, March 2018.  Communication entitled “Experiments in US agricultural economics: a history of experimental economics?”


REHPERE workshop, Gordes, July 2018. Co-organized with Thomas Delcey, Francesco Sergi, and Annie Cot.

Traineeship, Research associate

June 2016 – Sep. 2016          Chair Energy and Prosperity

supervisor: Gael Giraud, chief-economist at the French Agency for Development

May 2015 – July. 2015           PHARE, HET lab
supervisor: Nathalie Sigot , full professor, head of the lab


Volunteer positions

2015 – 2018          Co-founder and secretary-general
                                     Owl Night – non profit

2015 – 2016          International student ambassador
                                     Stockholm University’s Student Union

2014 – 2016          Secretary-General
                                     Les Citoyens de l’information – non profit

2014 – 2015          Cultural and politics columnist
                            – non-profit online press

2012 – 2014          Student elected representative
                                     Dept. of Mathematics, Université de Rennes 1


Programming: R, LaTeX, Netlogo, Matlab, Python
Language: French (native), English (fluent)